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Environmental Health - Work Practicum

In today’s workplace, employers are looking for graduates with work experience who can quickly play a significant role and help the organisation achieve its objectives. Undertaking a work practicum as part of your USC degree helps you prepare to meet these expectations.

There is one (1) work practicum course in the environmental health program Bachelor of Health Science (Applied Environmental Health).  This course is PUB305. Students undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science (Applied Environmental Health) need to complete their workplace practicum in PUB305.

Overview of the placement courses

Whilst undertaking PUB305 students will be based with external organisations and given the opportunity to gain valuable experience prior to completing their studies and seeking employment in the field.

The workplace learning experience, including projects and tasks asked of students, are aligned with the underpinning skills and knowledge for Environmental Health practitioners outlined in the enHealth Environmental Health Officer Skills and Knowledge Matrix 2010 and by Environmental Health Australia.


Students will complete 240 hours of practical experience, undertaking placement with both state and local government organisations.

There is some flexibility as to how this time is allotted. Typically students complete 120 hours with a state government organisation (eg Queensland Health) and 120 hours with a local government organisation (eg Sunshine Coast Council).

The spread of hours over a time frame is negotiated between the course coordinator and the workplace supervisor taking into consideration the student's other commitments. The placement experience is unique for each student dependent on the nature of the work at the time and the workloads of the work site.

Remuneration and insurance

Please note that no remuneration or payment is made by the organisations to the students or to the University for hosting a student on work placement. Students undertaking an approved placement are covered by the University’s insurance policies.

Mandatory Requirements

To be eligible for placement in Queensland Health facilities, students will need to meet Mandatory Checks. Detailed information outlining the mandatory check requirements can be found on Sonia Online.

NOTE: some of the mandatory checks can take quite some time to organise and students are advised to commence working on obtaining their specific mandatories as part of their expression of interest process.

How to apply

Students are required to submit an expression of interest for work placement through Sonia Online. Please note that organising a placement takes time. Students need to submit an expression of interest form six months in advance of the anticipated semester or session they would like to undertake PUB305.


For any further questions regarding work placements for PUB305 please contact:

Jane-Louise Lampard
Program coordinator, Environmental Health
School of Health
Email: jlampard@usc.edu.au
Tel: +61 7 5456 5712

For general enquiries about School of Health work integrated learning opportunities please contact:

Email: SHSSplacements@usc.edu.au
Tel: +61 7 5430 1103