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School of Business and Creative Industries Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program

About our WIL Program

The University of the Sunshine Coast welcomes you to the School of Business and Creative Industries' Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program. The School of Business and Creative Industries (SBCI) prides itself on ​building, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with local, regional, and national businesses and organisations. Our ​WIL Program is a newly formed hub of learning specifically focussed on equipping our students with the skills and dispositions that will allow them to thrive in the 21st century workplace. Our students study many disciplines from within our Business Degrees and our Creative Industries, including Design and Communications.

Our staff combine serious scholarship with deep professional expertise, a necessary combination that provides an enriched learning experience for our students. Our WIL Program aims to link students, particularly ​those in their final year of their degrees, to ​workplace opportunities for mentorship and work experience across dozens of fields.

Our WIL Program incorporates four undergraduate courses for final year students.

  • BCI300 WIL Project – including research project stream (Business students)
  • BCI302 WIL Project – including research project stream (Creative Industries students)
  • BCI301 WIL Placement (Business students)
  • BCI303 WIL Placement (Creative Industries students)

These courses will be delivered in Semester 1, Semester 2 and Session 8 in 2022. From 2023, Session 1 will be added to the delivery schedule.

For students:

Students from relevant degree programs may express their interest to participate in one or, potentially, both courses. Students also have the option of participating in a research project.

The WIL Program provides an opportunity to connect and apply the knowledge and skills developed at university to practice in the workplace. The WIL Program also allows students to obtain appropriate workplace skills, and to develop professional networks. These outcomes enhance student employability.

For businesses, organisations and community groups:

The WIL Program can form an important aspect of your day-to-day operations because, for businesses, organisations, and community groups who partner with us and support students to gain vital workplace experiences, the benefits are many. For example, workplaces can gain from the infusion of fresh approaches, ​new ideas ​and up to date knowledge from our students and staff. You can design the work experience opportunity around a project that you might not normally be resourced to commence and/or complete, and you can support the education of the next generation of our region's business owners and employees.

WIL industry hosts can provide either individual ‘placement’ (internship) opportunities to one or more students within your workplace, or design projects for multiple students to collaborate and complete under the supervision of one of our highly experienced academic experts at USC. Either way, we look forward to facilitating lasting collaborations between our students and industry with the purpose of creating a positive impact for our local and external communities.

We invite businesses, organisation and community groups to join with us and play a key role in supporting USC to become Australia’s premier regional university by engaging our students in workplace learning.

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If you ​are a final year student looking to enrol in our bespoke work experience and research courses, please Click HERE to be redirected to our SONIA online web page.

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Are you a business, organisation or community group who would like to partner with us?

If you are a business, organisation or community group and would like to partner with us ​to design or create workplace learning opportunities within your workplace, please contact

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The Industry WIL Guide will assist and support our partners to create a successful WIL experience for our students and themselves. To access The School of Business and Creative Industries' Industry WIL Guide, please click HERE.

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