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Biomedical Science - Clinical Placement

In today’s workplace, employers are looking for graduates with work experience who can quickly play a significant role and help the organisation achieve its objectives. Students in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science program have the opportunity to complete work integrated learning in the form of an industry or clinical work placements. Common duration of the clinical placements are as follows:

  • 2-3 weeks for LFS304 clinical placement I  (12-units)
  • 5-6 weeks for LFS305 clinical placement II  (24-units)
  • 8-10 weeks for LFS304 clinical placement I and LFS305 clinical placement II (36-units)

The clinical placement courses enable students to explore theoretical knowledge and acquire practical and applied experience in a vocational setting related to the Bachelor of Biomedical Science program. The student will undertake a structured and supervised vocational work experience with a host organisation in an area of interest.

Ultimately, these courses will allow reflection on their field of study and assess the student’s suitability and/or interest for employment in a specific area and enhance their understanding of career opportunities.

Features and location

Placement opportunities for biomedical science students include clinical settings, clinical trial centres, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and medical research institutes.

A small number of structured placements in clinical settings are available to biomedical science students.

Students are encouraged to obtain advice about these structured placements in the first or second year of their Bachelor of Biomedical Science program. Students will be provided with a suitable program plan that prepares them for their placement.

The structured placements for biomedical science students in clinical settings are generally 10 weeks duration, undertaken full-time on weekdays.

The following are examples of past clinical placements undertaken by biomedical science students:

Clinical Measurements

  • Cardiac Diagnostics Unit, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Kawana
  • Respiratory Diagnostics Unit, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Kawana
  • Sunshine Coast Heart Specialists, Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Kawana
  • Cardiac Diagnostics Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane
  • Sleep Disorders Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane
  • Cardiac Diagnostics Unit, Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane
  • Respiratory Science Unit, Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane
  • Neurophysiology, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane

 Clinical Trials

  • Clinical Trials Centre, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Kawana
  • UniSC Clinical Trials Centre


  • Cluster Biotechnology, Gold CoastSkin Cancer Clinics
  • IVF clinics
  • Tissue banking
  • Research laboratories

Our biomedical science students usually take a clinical placement course (or courses) in the final year of their Bachelor of Biomedical Science program. All students complete the same assessment tasks in the clinical placement courses.

The clinical placement courses have limited grading of Pass Ungraded (PU) or Fail (UF). To pass a clinical placement course a student must: Complete the required time for the placement; demonstrate the learning objectives; and complete and pass the assessment. Satisfactory feedback from their placement supervisor is also required.

The clinical placement course coordinator is in regular contact with both the student and their supervisor during the placement.

This quality assurance arrangement ensures that the student learning outcomes from the program of study offered are equivalent across all the placement sites. Student issues arising during the placement are also dealt with in a timely manner, and in accordance with the University’s work integrated learning policy and procedures.

How do I apply?

For details on how to apply please see the Biomedical Science organisation page.

Mandatory checks

To be eligible to commence placement, students must complete the following Mandatory Checks and upload to their Sonia Online* account.

NOTE: some of the mandatory checks can take quite some time to organise and students are advised to commence working on obtaining their specific mandatories as soon as they have accepted their offer.

Additional information will be provided to you throughout your study program.

* Access to Sonia Online for current enrolled students only.

Remuneration and insurance

No remuneration or payment is made by the placement organisation to the students or to the University for hosting the student. Students undertaking an approved work place learning course are covered by the University’s insurance policies.


For more information about the course and academic requirements of LFS304 Clinical placement I and LFS305 Clinical placement II please contact:

Dr Michelle Maugham-Macan
Lecturer, Biomedical Science
Phone: 07 5456 5846

For general enquiries about Biomedical Science work integrated learning opportunities or for assistance with your application please contact:

Tania Halliday
Senior Work Integrated Learning Placement Officer
Tel: 07 5456 5846