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Apply direct to UniSC

Some people are eligible to apply direct to UniSC. This depends on your personal circumstances and the type of study you want to undertake.

Current or former UniSC students

In most cases, you are eligible to apply direct to UniSC via the ApplyUSC portal if you are a current TPP student, or have completed undergraduate studies in the past two years. Previously excluded students or current students wanting to study concurrently would also apply through the ApplyUSC portal.

This includes if you are: 

A current Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) student, or have been enrolled in TPP in the past two years

For more information, visit Applying for a degree from TPP.

A current UniSC student who is applying for a new program, and is due to complete your current program before your proposed semester of commencement

This includes students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate certificate or diploma.

If you are not planning to complete your current program and instead want to change programs, visit Applying for a program change.

A current UniSC student who has completed at least one semester of study in your current program, and who wants to apply to study another program concurrently

Please note that concurrent study is not permitted with the following programs: 

  • Pathway Diplomas - Diploma in Business Innovation, Diploma in Creative Industries, Diploma in Science & Technology and Diploma in Social & Human Services
  • Between the Diploma in Education (Early Childhood) and the Diploma in Education (Primary)
  • Undergraduate Certificates
  • Between the Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Science and the Bachelor of Biomedical Science*
  • Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Between the Bachelor of Music and the Bachelor of Creative Industries
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (Graduate Entry)
  • Bachelor of Paramedicine
  • End-on Honours degrees
  • Higher Degrees by Research *
  • Postgraduate degrees *

* please contact Admissions for further information on concurrent study

A former UniSC student who was excluded from study at UniSC

Applications for former UniSC excluded students apply online through the ApplyUSC portal.

End-on Honours applications

Applications for end-on honours programs are online through the ApplyUSC portal. Refer to Honours applications for more information.

Postgraduate applicants

Applications for most postgraduate programs are online through the ApplyUSC portal.

Some postgraduate programs require additional application forms. For more information, visit Postgraduate applications.

Applications for the Master of Teaching

Most applications for the Master of Teaching (Primary) and the Master of Teaching (Secondary) are made through QTAC.

Exception: If you have had an enrolment at UniSC in the past two years and wish to apply for the Master of Teaching, apply direct to UniSC.

For more information visit Postgraduate applications.