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Summer stories: UniSC experts available for comment

From the creepy crawlies at our backyard barbecues to the music we will be listening to – University of the Sunshine Coast experts are available to discuss some of this summer's most interesting,  important and quirky topics.

UniSC academics available for interviews, by request, include: 

The unwanted gift of holiday sickness

 Dr Matthew Mason, Lecturer, Nursing Science

As people gather for Christmas parties, travel, and holidays with extended family and friends, what are the latest preventative measures for infectious diseases such as Influenza, COVID, and gastro? Tips for managing minor illness and accidents. 

Dr Matt Mason
The sounds of summer

Dr Lachlan Goold, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Music

A music industry wrap up for 2023 and what we might expect in 2024; music festivals in the summer season; can you make a life in the creative Industries.  


Dr Lachlan Goold
The birds, bats frogs and reptiles in our backyard

Dr Dominique Potvin, Senior Lecturer in Animal Ecology

Many people enjoying the beach, bush or backyard this summer will come into contact with Australia’s flying or jumping creatures – even downtown.

How are human activities such as urbanisation, or even our long holiday drives affecting birds, frogs, bats and other vertebrates? 

Dr Dominique Potvin
Dealing with an epidemic of broken hearts 

Dr Dyann Ross, Senior Lecturer in Social Work 

Love is the answer as violence and injustice help create an epidemic of broken-heartedness that is especially heightened during the holiday season, according to University of Sunshine Coast social work academic and ‘love theorist’ Dr Dyann Ross.

“Our senses are facing an onslaught of harm and injustice that we can’t avoid witnessing, and our hearts can't avoid feeling,” says Dr Ross who has reworked a theory of broken-heartedness and love in a new book. Details here. 

Dr Dyann Ross
The psychology of Santa Claus and holidays

Dr Rachael Sharman, Senior Lecturer in Psychology 

How does the magic of Santa light up children’s brains as they anticipate the big visit on Christmas Eve? What are some strategies to support your mental health over the holidays? 

Coping with disruption or stress associated with family dynamics, work/home balance, COVID impacts, Christmas anxiety, parenting issues, loneliness, grief. 

Dr Rachael Sharman
Helping youth starting the school year strong 

Dr Michelle Kennedy, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UniSC Thompson Institute

The school holidays may be a time of relaxation and zero assignments, but for some kids it’s a time of nervous anticipation for the coming school year. More details here.

Whatever is worrying them, evidence suggests that caregivers should address it before the new school year begins. Dr Kennedy offers strategies parents can implement to support children before school starts and during the first few weeks of the new school. 

Dr Michelle Kennedy
Tech trends of 2024

Dr Erica Mealy,  Lecturer in Computer Science

What data does Spotify (and others) use for your "wrapped" playlist, how do Amazon and Google build their shopping recommendations.

A look at the tech trends for 2023 and looking ahead to 2024.

Dr Erica Mealy
Will seaweed play a role in your healthy holiday?

Dr Alexandra Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Bioscience

Human health and wellbeing are linked to marine ecosystems.

How can adults and children make the most of this during their leisure time? And can we save the world with seaweeds? 


Dr Alexandra Campbell
Peak holiday season is coming 

Dr Aaron Tham, Lecturer in Tourism, Leisure and Event Management

Topics include sustainable tourism during peak holiday season, destination branding and marketing, citizen science, beaches and turtles.

(Available for interviews after 2 Jan) 

Dr Aaron Tham
Health ageing and holiday wellbeing

Dr Daniel Wadsworth,  Senior Lecturer in Applied Science

Accessible exercise for health and wellbeing in ageing populations, exercise rehabilitation and move over summer.


Dr Daniel Wadsworth

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