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Applied Environmental HealthMajor

If you enjoy variety and can see yourself in a role that educates others and protects the health of the population, then consider a career in environmental health.

You will study links between our environment and human health; public health and sustainable development; social, ecological, economic and political factors influencing health behaviours and policy; and principles for planning and managing environments for healthy living, working and play. You will apply public health theories and frameworks; empirical science; and complex systems concepts as you build your skills in identifying, assessing and managing risk to human health from hazards in our natural and built environments.

In your final year of study, you will also gain practical on the job experience in your final year of study during 30 days of work placement.

The program prepares you for a career in environmental health, environmental management or risk management.

Extended major

Available in the Bachelor of Health Science

Career opportunities

Environmental health officer or specialist in local or state government, academia or the corporate sector, environmental management or risk management, overseas health agencies, particularly in the area of food, water and sanitation for emergency and disaster management.


Environmental Health Australia; Public Health Association of Australia; Australian Health Promotion Association.

Extended Major (11)

Only students enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science are eligible to undertake the Applied Environmental Health Extended Major.

For an extended major in Applied Environmental Health, students must successfully complete the following 11 courses:

Required courses (11)
CourseSemester of offerUnitsRequisites
HLT100 Anatomy and Physiology
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Caboolture: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Fraser Coast: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Gympie: Semester 1, Semester 2
12Pre: Enrolled in Program SC010, SC108, ED312, ED315, SC306, SC347, SC367, SC391, SC392, SC393 or Applied Environmental Health Extended Major or Health and Physical Education Major
Anti: (LFS112 or LFS201 or LFS202) and LFS122) or SPX103
JST101 Justice and the Australian Legal System
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 1, Semester 2
  • Online: Semester 1, Semester 2
12Anti: LAW101 or LAW102
SCI102 Biodiversity and Ecology
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 2
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 2
  • Fraser Coast: Semester 2
12Anti: ENS102
ENP211 Planning and Environmental Law
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 1
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 1
12Anti: ENP210
LFS261 Microbiology
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 1
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 1
12Pre: SCI103 or LFS100 or LFS103
Anti: MEP263 or MBT263
LFS262 Medical Microbiology
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 2
12Pre: MBT263 or LFS261 or MEP263
Anti: MEP252 or MEP253 or MBT253
PUB205 Food Safety Laws and Regulations
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 2
12Anti: NUT322
PUB210 Concepts of Epidemiology
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 2
PUB262 Environmental Health Risk Management
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 2
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 2
ENS351 Integrated Environmental Management
  • Sunshine Coast: Semester 1
  • Moreton Bay: Semester 1
12Anti: ESS351
PUB305 Public Health Practicum
  • Sunshine Coast: Session 4, Semester 2
24Pre: Course Coordinator Consent Required and enrolled in SC344, SC354, SC367, SC373 or SC375
Anti: WPL310 or WPL311 or WPL320 or HLT326 or PUB352 or PUB332