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Resources and short courses for the community

Educating to make a difference

The School of Business and Creative Industries is committed to empowering the community by making current industry knowledge, skills and insight available to everyone.

Our leading academics have developed a variety of short courses and resources to help you up-skill or update your knowledge, ensuring you’re always across latest industry trends and best practice.

In some cases, completing a short course could make you eligible for credit towards a university qualification.

We are committed to delivering education that keeps pace with the constantly evolving local and global business and creative environments, so our offerings and resources will change throughout each year. We encourage you to check regularly for our latest offerings.

TE-Course leadership for high performance teams

Designed for team leaders or aspiring leaders, this series of three modules will provide the foundational skills to help you build a more productive and engaged workplace culture.

Business Planning Course

The free business planning course is a series of workshops for small businesses. These workshops are designed to provide small business owners with a clear understanding of the key factors that underpin their success and are critical to their long-term survival.

Toolkit 3: Digital portfolio & personal website
USC Employability toolkit

From ideas about developing and managing your online presence, to preparing for your next job interview, this toolkit will ensure your professional skills are sharpened and that you put your best foot forward whether you’re applying for a new job or responding to the ongoing challenges in the business environment.