School of Law and Society staff - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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School of Law and Society staff

First name Surname Title Area of expertise
Wahab Abdul Adjunct Associate Professor in Materials Science Materials Science
Vanessa Aland Adjunct Industry Fellow Wellbeing/counselling within corrective services and probation and parole
Julia Baird Adjunct Senior Lecturer Environmental sustainability, speciailising in human dimensions of water resources and water resilience
Alexandra Bec Adjunct Research Fellow Economic regional community development, change management, tourism, resillience theory, heritage
Quentin Beresford Adjunct Professor of Politics Politics
Anthony Bligh Adjunct Industry Fellow Clinical psychologist
Marta Botta Adjunct Research Fellow Cultural change and sustainable futures
Sarah Brown  Adjunct Professor  Forensic psychology, sexual violence & abuse prevention
Lisa  Chandler Adjunct Associate Professor in Creative Industries Art and design; environmental art; curatorship; visual culture; visual communication.
John Chapman Adjunct Professor of Horticulture  
Susie Chapman Adjunct Lecturer Natural Resource Management 
Norm Cheetham Adjunct Professor Expert in food chemistry and analysis, drug action and analysis, environmental toxicology and biological chemistry
Amanda  Clancy Adjunct Fellow Head Injury, Mental Health; Community Health
Jayne Clapton Adjunct Associate Professor Communication and ethics, disability studies, bioethics, advocacy, homelessness, social inclusion, feminist theology, bricolage, higher education
Charmaine Daly Adjunct Industry Fellow Education and psychology
Taylor Dick Adjunct Fellow in Comparative Biomechanics Biomechanics and musculoskeletal modelling
Brendan Doran Adjunct Professor  
Darren Drapper Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Environmental Engineering, Water Quality Management (stormwater and wastewater)
Michael Duggan Adjunct Research Fellow Education and sustainability
Ines Dunstan Adunct Fellow in History History, spanish, cultural studies
Carol Farbotko Adjunct Fellow in Georgraphy Human geography
John Fein Adjunct Professor SRC
Glen Ferguson Adjunct Professor Law
Pedro Fidelman Adjunct Fellow  
John Fien Adjunct Professor Education for Sustainable Development
Karen Freberg Adjust Associate Professor Social media and strategic communication
George Freduah Adjunct Research Fellow Human geography, small-scale fisheries, climate change adaptation
Takahisa Furuichi Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Geomorphology, hydrology and climatology and socio-economic implications
Yimnang Golbuu Adjunct Research Fellow in Sustainability and Pacific Studies Pacific islands, community engagement, coral reefs, mangroves, sustainability, climate change
Duane Hamacher Adjunct Associate Professor in Geography and Indigenous Studies Cultural Astronomy, indigenous knowledge, history and philosphy of science
Tilton Hereward Adjunct Research Fellow History, medieval through modern European history, esoteric history, history of magic, history of alchemy, psychology of religion, research methods
Jean-Marc Hero Adjunct Professor Terrestrial fauna and flora, biological adaptation to climate change, experimental design, conservation biology and long-term ecological research & monitoring.
Jeanne Hoffman Adjunct Fellow in Futures/Future Studies Futures studies
Marcelle Holdaway Adjunct Fellow in Accountability and Sustainability Community sustainability, Dialogical accounting, Corporate social responsibility, Futures methods, economic and environmental sustainability
David Hollinsworth Adjunct Professor of Indigenous Studies Indigenous studies and affairs
Sara Holmgren Adjunct Fellow Agricultural Science and Community Development (Sustainability focus)
Andy Hornbuckle Adjunct Research Fellow Stormwater quality management
Tan Hun Adjunct Professor  Microbiology
Peter Hunnam Adjunct Industry Fellow Environmental Management and Sustainability
Carolyn Jacobs Adjunct Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering
David  James Adjunct Professor  Enviornmental economics, natural resource economics, climate change policy and ecosystem service valuation.
John Janzekovic Adjunct Associate Professor  Politics and international relations
Ben Jarihani Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Hydrological Science, Water resource management
Leo Jensen Adjunct Industry Fellow Fellow - Planning Institute Australia (RPIA (Fellow);
Associate Fellow - Institute of Managers and Leaders (AFIML);
Accredited - Registered Planner (RPIA);
Accredited - Belbin Team Profiling;
Member - Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD);
Member - Local Government Managers Australia (MLGMA);
Member - International Association Public Participation (IAP2)
Lindy Kanan Adjunct Industry Fellow International Development Practitioner
Simon Kaplan Adjunct Professor of Computer Science Computer Science
Georgia Keeshan Indusrty Fellow Planning and delivery of operational programs and capital construction works for coastline and canal network
Christine King Adjunct Associate Professor in Multi-Stakeholder Learning and Participatory Research, Development and Extension Sustainability; Food Security, Poverty Alleviation & Climate Adaptation;
Interdisciplinary Research; Community development;
Individual, group and community resilience;
Participatory research, development & extension (RD&E);
Complex learning systems in Agriculture, Natural Resource & Environmental Management, Health and Education.
Danielle Kirby Adjunct Lecturer   Communication, Media, Religion
Jack  Koci Adjunct Fellow Hydrology, Geomorphology
Timothy Lee Adjunct Associate Professor Tourism, hospitality and leisure management, including health, food, cultural and event tourism 
Heiji Li Adjunct Fellow Mechanical and Bio-functional Systems and Materials
Michael Lück  Adjunct Professor Marine tourism, ecotourism, interpretation & education, wildlife tourism, sustainable tourism.
Johannes Luetz Adjunct Fellow in Geography and Development Studies Human behaviour, holistic education, human well-being research (“happiness”), social change, environmental change, climate change, Human rights, abortion, justice issues, policy analysis and development, global poverty reduction, studies in human society, theology of earth care, change management and social transformation, human development, community development, sustainable development, globalisation, intercultural competency, leadership, society, migration, inequalities, social class, religion, ethics, humanitarianism, emergency response, disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, environmental sustainability, community based climate change adaptation, climate change induced forced human migration and disaster displacement, climate change adaptation and mitigation, transformation towards low-carbon global society, interdisciplinary, conceptual and empirical research, mixed methods, case study and science-policy research, research development
Kathleen Martin Adjunct Industry Fellow Social work practice in children's, youth and family services
Peter Matic Adjunct Fellow in Politiics Local government
Michael McAllum Adjunct Fellow in Futures  Futures Studies, Macrohistory, 20th Century political philosophy, Business engagement, consultancy
Jeffrey McDonnell Adjunct Professor  
Philip McLaren Adjunct Professor in Creative Industries Aboroginal australian studies, hitsory, psychology,fine art, photography, architecture and design, creative writing, media and advertising, indigenous representation in australian sports
Mark McMahon Adjunct Industry Fellow Leading large-scale community creation; stockalnd business unit colloboration; financial business acumen; complex master planning, infrastructure negotiations and approvals; stakeholer and community engagement; mixed use design and delivery in retail, commercial, health and education; residential design and delivery in detached and apartments
Seeseei Molimau-Samasoni Associate Professor in Postharvet Horticulture Postharvest horticulture, agriculture and natual crops
Stephanie Moraz Adjunct Industry Fellow As per Science Industry Advisory Committee TOR.
Extensive background in materials, engineering and clean energy innovation
Christine Morley Adjunct Professor Social Work
Camila Mozzini-Alister Adjunct Research Fellow Cultural studies, philosophy, sociology and theory/methodology
Jacqueline Mundy Adjunct Industry Fellow International Development Practitioner in Global Health Systems
Garth Nolan Adjunct Industry Fellow Management of a planning office, including significant time as acting director and acting regional director within the state government;
development assessment, planning scheme drafting and review, local government planning functions;
state government functions;
human resources and recruitment withing busy planning office
Roselyn Nunn Adjunct Research Fellow in Geography and Social Sciences Climate change, Pacific Islands,
community development; social science field methods;
physical geography and geosciences;
cross-cultural communication, livelihood sustainability, community interactions, traditional knowledge and coping, reconstruction of ancient environments, geology, ceramic mineralogy.
Melissa Nursey-Bray Adjunct Associate Professor Geography, environment and population, Indeigenous resource management, coastal management, community engagement
Denis O'Hara Adjunct Professor Counselling education
Soane Patolo Adjunct Associate Professor of Rural Development Pacific rural community development and engagement
Tristan Pearce Adjunct Associate Professor Climate change vulnerability and adaption, traditional knowledge systems, cumulativie impacts of resource development
Gary Pickering Adjunct Professor Climate change and impacts, climate change adaptation, and climate change psychology
Gregory Poulgrain Adjunct Senior Lecturer in History Indonesian History;
International Relations;
US Policy in Indonesia and also SE Asia;
more broadly Asia-Australia History;
Chinese History
Stina Powell Adjunct Fellow Environmental governance & sustainable development
Julian Porter Adjunct Lecturer Law
Benjamin Preston Adjunct Professor Global Environmental Change, Climate Change
Jose Ramos Adjunct Senior Lecturer Future studies, public policy, social innovation.
Kathleen Rhemann Adjunct Research Fellow Foresight, futures, trend analysis, disruption
John Richardson Adjunct Associate Professor, Language and Linguistics Critical Discourse Studies, Journalism
Machelle Rinaldis Adjunct Industry Fellow Clinical Psychologist, educator
Lisa Ryan Adjunct Research Fellow Undertaking a variety of service aspects specifically focussed on improving linkages between the Sunshine Coast Council, USC and school sector on the Sunshine Coast especially around sustainability issues
Noel Scott Adjunct Professor  
Simone Shaw Adjunct Industry Fellow Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist
Roy Sidle Adjunct Professor Environmental science, natural hazards, catchment hydrology, hydrogeomorpic processes
Laura Sinay Adjunct Lecturer Tourism and sustainability
Tim Smith Adjunct Professor Forestry, tree growth,soil nutrients
Erin Smith Adjunc Senior Research Felow Human geography, water management, climate change adaptation
Matthew Stevenson Adjunct Industry Fellow Town planning
Robert Stringfellow Industry Fellow Industry member of the USC Engineering Industry Advisory Committee (EIAC).
30 years experience cross the water industry covering planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance
Karen Struthers Adjunct Fellow Social work practice and community services generally, particularly in respect of domestic and family violence, and young women.
Uwe Terton Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Design Research
Uwe Terton Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Design Research
Dana Thomsen Adjunct Associate Professor Sustainability advocacy
John Thorogood Adjunct Associate Professor in Marine and Freshwater Ecology Applied aquatic ecology (marine and freshwater)
Mark Utting Adjunct Associate Professor Computer Science
Thea Vanags Adjunct Fellow in Psychology Psychology, memory, research ethics
Helen Wallace Adjunct Professor Agricultural ecology
David Walter Adjunct Professor Acarology, Invertebrate Ecology and Taxonomy.
Katherine (Kadi) Warner Adjunct Associate Professor SRC
Jolanta Watson Adjunct Lecturer/ Research Scienctist Physics, Maths, Nanoscience and Biophysics
Mark Western Adjunct Professor social & economic inequality/social science
Iain White Adjunct Professor Environmental planning, human geography, risk, vulnerability, resilience
Trish Wilson Adjunct Industry Fellow Registered Nurse, Midwife, Cousellor and Educator. Currently the Strategic Lead - Clinical, Education, Research.
Geoffrey Woolcock Adjunct Associate Professor Sociology, social work, social research
Amanda Yeates Adjunct Industry Fellow Co-Chair and industry member on USC’s Engineering Industry Advisory Committee (EIAC)
Amanda oversees the delivery of infrastructure projects and maintenance and operation of the state-controlled road network.
Magdy Youssef Adjunct Fellow  Urban design & town planning



Ms Dimity Adams is a Senior Research Fellow with the School of Law and Society, and core member of the SVRPU. She is a registered Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Psychology (Clinical) and a Post-graduate Certificate in Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Dimity's clinical experience is primarily in the prevention, assessment and treatment of forensic concerns (e.g. offending and antisocial behaviours). Dimity is considered a practice leader in the assessment and treatment of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who have committed sexual offences and has considerable experience working in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Queensland.

Dimity has led program development and delivery in the areas of the treatment and prevention of sexually abusive behaviours, as well as consulting to a variety of organisations on the prevention of sexually abusive behaviours within institutions. Dimity has project management experience and has been a chief investigator on large externally funded research projects.