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Building B, Level 1

University of the Sunshine Coast
90 Sippy Downs Drive 
Sippy Downs QLD 4556 Australia

Street address

90 Sippy Downs Drive
Sippy Downs
Queensland 4556


Postal address

Tropical Forests and People Research Centre (ML45)
Locked Bag 4

Key contacts

Centre Director
John Herbohn
Tel: +61 7 5456 5187
Office: Building B, Level 1, B1.08A

Our people

The Tropical Forests and People Research Centre brings together around 50 researchers interested in the interactions between people and tropical forests. The Centre is based around multidisciplinary projects and a desire of its members to work collaboratively to address complex problems associated with reforestation and forest management in the tropics.

Our members include social and biophysical scientists with expertise in forest reforestation and rehabilitation, ecology, forest science, silviculture, hydrology, soil science, anthropology, livelihood systems, economics, supply chains, finance and policy.


The Tropical Forests and People Research Centre includes Adjunct researchers who complement the team and extend the current and integral work into the areas of ecology, hydrology and biology.

Their expertise, often significant track records and experience provide additional depth for the team and provide key input into grant development, peer review of publications and mentoring of researchers across the team.

Adjunct staff play a vital role in strategic planning activities across the year and provide expert advice on how the Centre can position itself for the future growth and increase social and economic impact locally, nationally and globally.

  • Jack Baynes
  • Fiona Borthwick
  • Mila Bristow
  • Donald Gilmour
  • Martin Golman
  • Laura Graham
  • David Hinchley
  • Ross Hynes
  • Tek Maraseni
  • Bill McDonald
  • Hugh Stewart
  • Ruth Turia
  • Jennifer Firn
  • Stephen Harrison
  • Jeff Sayer
  • William Jackson
  • Robert Congdon
  • Agni Klintuni Boedhiharto
  • Henry Goltiano
  • Stephen Turton
  • Himlal Baral

Research students are fundamental to the success of the Tropical Forests and People Research Centre.

We strive to provide:

  • Interesting projects and research support based around existing projects;
  • Collegiate, stimulating and challenging environment e.g. active lab group driven by students;
  • Supervisory teams with broad skill base;
  • Generic field skills; and
  • ’systems thinking’ skills and capacity to work as part of trans-disciplinary teams.
Student Contact
Milad Dehghani Pour Tal Gerdooei  
Sigyel Delma  
Alain Ngute


Emma Mackintosh  
Rodrigo Minici de Oliveira  
Tomiwa Oluwajuwon  
Charlotte Raven  
William Unsworth  
Fellice Gabrielle  
Jenny Vivian