Health Communication

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Extended Major (12)

For an extended major in Health Communication, students must successfully complete the following 12 courses:

Required courses (12)

CourseSemester of offerRequisites
CMN130 Introduction to Journalism
  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
CMN140 Introduction to Creative Advertising
  • Semester 2
CMN231 Communication Campaign Planning
  • Semester 2
Anti: CMN531
CMN235 News Writing and Reporting
  • Semester 2
Pre: CMN130 or enrolled in Program AR505, AR513, AR514, AR541, AR543, AR605, AR614, AR641, AR643, AR841, XP601 or UP601
Anti: CMN535
CMN248 Creative Advertising
  • Semester 1
Pre: CMN140 or enrolled in Program AR541, AR641, AR841, AR513, AR613, AR605, AR505, XP601 or UP601
HLT326 Health Practicum
  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
  • Various Sessions
Pre: Enrolled in Program SC385, SA308, SC334, SC354, SC335, SC367, SC373, SC375 or SC376 and Instructor Consent required - please contact the Course Coordinator.
Anti: WPL310 or WPL311
HRM311 Leadership and Team DynamicsSippy Downs: Semester 1
South Bank: Semester 1
Caboolture: Semester 1
PUB210 Concepts of Epidemiology
  • Semester 2
PUB252 Health Promotion Needs Assessment and Planning
  • Semester 1
Anti: CPH252 or PUB722
PUB271 Health Promotion Principles
  • Semester 1
Anti: PUB721
PUB351 Health Promotion Implementation and Evaluation
  • Semester 2
PUB352 Public Health Project
  • Semester 1
Pre: (PUB252 or PUB722 and (PUB351 or PUB731
Anti: PUB732

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