BIM - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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CourseSemester of offerRequisites
BIM202 Medical Genetics
  • Semester 2
Pre: LFS100 or LFS103
BIM203 Blood Banking and Transfusion Sciences
  • Semester 2
Pre: LFS112 and MLS110 and enrolled in Program SC211, SC355 or SC357
Anti: MLS212
BIM263 Introduction to Pharmacology
  • Semester 2
Pre: LFS201 or LFS203 or (LFS112 and LFS122
Anti: BIM261
BIM300 Advanced Professional Skills in Biomedical Science* 0 unitsSemester 2 
BIM303 Introduction to Clinical Trial CoordinationNot currently offeredPre: BIM263 and permission required for enrolment – please contact the Course Coordinator.
BIM331 Immunology
  • Semester 1
Pre: LFS202 or LFS203 or (LFS112 and enrolled in Program SC301 or SB301) or
Co: LFS203 and enrolled in Program SC357 or SC355 (Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Science pathway only
BIM341 Biochemical Pharmacology
  • Semester 1
Pre: MBT251 or LFS251
Anti: MBT351
BIM371 Clinical Embryology
  • Session 8
Pre: LFS202 or LFS203 or enrolled in Program SC357